Personal trainer (PT)

Regardless of your goals and training experience, your personal trainer will help make your training motivating and efficient. Available At Sunprime Waterfront from April to 15th of October.

Your personal trainer is a professional training partner who assists you in reaching your goals while at the same time teaching you a lot about training.

A personal trainer is a good way to help you get the most out of your training sessions.

A personal trainer helps you with all aspects of your training – from getting started to creating goal-oriented training program's, e.g. losing weight or running a marathon.

Ask in the Spa reception for further information.

Benefits of a PT

Your personal trainer helps you with everything from providing nutrition advice to making individually tailored training programs. Your PT is present during your entire training session, partly to monitor how you execute the exercises, partly to encourage you to perform to the max.

Designing your training program based on consultation and training needs analysis

Initially your personal trainer carries out a consultation with the objective of establishing your training background, possible history of injuries and illnesses and what you wish to achieve from your training. By implementing relevant tests, your personal trainer may also perform a capacity analysis to determine your physical status. The information thus generated will then form the basis for your personal training program.

Faster results with a personal trainer

Few things are more motivating than being able to see that your training has led to increased strength, improved fitness or weight loss. Nearly everyone training with a personal trainer will achieve faster results compared to working out on their own. A booked meeting with a personal trainer will spur you on to show up for a training session, even on days where you feel unmotivated.

Our PT packages

Package Price
50 min 55 euro
3*50 min 150 euro
5*50 min 250 euro
50 min PT Duo (2 pers.) 70 euro
Special Package Price
2*50 min incl. 50 min massage 150 euro
50 min PT Duo incl. 2*50 min massage 250 euro

Incl. free consultation before the first workout.

How to book

Ask in the reception and they will call to our personal trainer to make a reservation. 

PT Small Group

Here’s your chance to try out an exclusive 30-45 min PT session in a smaller group setting with our very own well-experienced Personal Trainer. You will get more individual feedback and coaching than in a regular group fitness class. Get in FAST as spots are very limited and fill out quickly. Please note that you are only able to book 1 PT Small Group session per person, per holiday free of charge.
Book at the Holiday Planner at MySunprime.